Minggu, 30 Desember 2012

how do I get rid of clovers and mushrooms on lawn ?is there any organic weed killers ?what is lime used for ?


A. the most effective form of organic weed control is corn gluten meal, it can be applied directly to the lawn and will control weeds without killing the grass.

how to make an organic weed killer?

A. Organic Weed Killers
Exactly what is available to organic gardeners for killing weeds?

Scythe, a fatty acid-based, non-selective contact herbicide that disrupts the cellular structure of the plant;
Neem Oil for killing aphids; and
Burn Out Weed and Grass Killer: also an acid-based weed killer made of vinegar and lemon juice.
You can investigate these products, vinegar as a weed treatment, and organic farming rules further on the Web at:


anybody knows a organic weed killer for the weeds in the lawns that kills just the weeds not the grass?
Q. i'm very allergic to chemical's but my lawn has a lot of weeds anybody knows a organic weed killer that kills just the weeds with out damming the lawn,if there is some one can help me i appreciate thanks

A. I've used Johnson's Weed and Feed on my lawn and it's worked wonders. It fertilizes your lawn and kills about 90% of the weeds including crab grass and dandelions.

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Rabu, 26 Desember 2012

Clematis Vine safe to grow up a tree?

Q. I was thinking about planting a couple of Clematis vines next to a mature tree that I have in my front yard so that they could grow up it, but was wondering if it would be safe for the tree? I'm not sure what type of tree it is. It just looks like something cheap that was put in by the landscapers before we moved into our home. Any info would be great! Thanks!

A. Some Clematis grow through trees in the wild, growing upwards for light, hence their climbing nature. Choose a Clematis that will complement your tree, and give you add flowering interest - if your tree flowers aim to get one that flower at a different time, to spread the flowering season.

I have a Clematis montana Elizabeth that scrambles up a conifer and one of the not so pretty Acers, and showers down its pink flowers in late spring. This plant will readily grow to 30' or 40', though I probably wouldn't choose it for a smaller dainty tree.

Otherwise, you could choose a dwarfer Clematis that will use the lower part of the tree for support. Generally Clematis like to have moist roots, some varieties prefer more sun than others, so choose either a shade loving variety, if it won't get much sun, due to the shade from the tree, or a variety that will thrive in sun.

If you don't like the tree that much, a Clematis montana will readily rise to the challenge to cover much of the tree. It won't harm the tree, but it would restrict some of the light that the tree would otherwise get. There's a photo of Elizabeth here:http://www.buckingham-nurseries.co.uk/acatalog/Index_Climbers_15.html

Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob

do you cut a clematis vine back or will it come back on it's on?
Q. I have never grown a vine like this before. It get's alot of sun and water.It is next to the garage and shelterd some. please help me if you can.

A. Hi,
Try this place, you'll find lots of good info: http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/clematis/



Hope this helps, I learn something new at every visit to the gardenweb.

Why does my clematis vine stop blooming so early in Summer?
Q. I have a beautiful purple clematis vine growing on a large trellis. It blooms profusely in late Spring, but does not bloom into Summer like so many others I've noticed. Could ants be eating the blossoms? I removed the spent flowers and pruned it a bit....also removed a spider web. I feed it periodically with plant food, and its roots are protected with pine straw. Any ideas to keep it flowering. It makes a beautiful statement beside our porch.

A. Pruning could be the source of your problem. Clematis blooms from the new growth, not the old woody stems. Some early bloomers will bloom a second time, but most bloom only once. Find a later blooming variety and plant it with your existing one. The vines will inter-twine and you will have an extended blooming cycle. There's quite a variety out there that bloom at different times. I've intermixed early, mid and late bloomers to extend the show.

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Minggu, 16 Desember 2012

Can I activate my Olive Garden gift card?

Q. I was given an Olive Garden gift card and tried to check the balance but the card is not activated apparently. Is there any way I can resolve this issue without spending money on a new card? Can I go to Walmart and tell them and ask them to activate it for me?

A. Ok you were given a Olive Garden gift card...Ok and to check the balance just go in a Olive Garden and tell them you would like to activated your gift card and check the balance on it.

what happened to the botanical garden gifts on farmville on facebook?
Q. i cant find the botanical garden gifts on the "free gifts" page on farmvill on facebook anymore.what happened??

A. The time has passed to build a botanical garden in farmville. You can no longer gift or receive materials for this building.

How much should a gift card to Olive Garden be for?
Q. I want to get a gift card to Olive Garden for my brother and his wife. About how much should it be for?

A. I would say $50 would be a safe bet. They might want to get an appetizer or dipping sauce for their bread sticks or a drink or two, or dessert. The meals there are on average about $10-$15 depending on what you get. (My meal for example that I love is $13.50) Plus that way they could also include tip. I know when my fiancee and I go w/ tip we spend close to $50. We each get a soda, dipping sauce for the bread sticks and two entrees.

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Sabtu, 15 Desember 2012

how to start asclepias tuberosa from seed?


A. I use 1/2 sand 1/2 peat mix. The seeds should be put in a plastic bag with some of the soil and moistened slightly, then put in the fridge for a few weeks. After that they germinate well and are easy to grow in full sun. Most A. tuberosa require a well drained sandy soil to do well. Good luck.

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Sabtu, 08 Desember 2012

Finding Peonies out of Season (Flowers)?

Q. Hi,

I'm trying to find Peonies for my girlfriend, however, as you may already know, they are out of season, and I've been having a really hard time trying to locate a place that has them.
I really want to do this now and not wait until spring, that's the whole purpose of doing this.
Any help will be greatly appreciated, and money should not be an issue.

A. There are no fresh peonies to be had at any price..... You could send any of these instead...... Hand painted silk peonies: http://www.peonydirect.co.uk/thumbs.php?id=Peonies&PHPSESSID=133a4d5d607f681fb3846b42f48edefb

Peony Box silk bedding: http://www.peonybox.com/index.php?page=home

A Tree Peony: http://www.crocus.co.uk/plants/_/shrubs/paeonia-red/itemno.PL30000014/

A silk peony dress: http://www.oriental-fashion.co.uk/sleeveless-chrysanthemum-peony-long-dress-cheongsam-lime-green-p-72.html

Hopefully all the paeonies you'll need :-)

I want to have coral peonies but my florist says they are not in season and will not be available?
Q. I found where I can buy them online. Would it be to difficult to do my own simple centerpieces. I do not want to do a lot of work but since this is a vow renewal/ blessing it doesn't have to be so perfect as if it was a wedding. What does anyone think of peonies and hydrangeas in cute metal pots with table numbers on them. Would this be hard to do? I would need to do five the night before. Has anyone ordered bulk flowers online. Thanks for the help!

A. I was recently a bridesmaid at a wedding where, the night before, all the girls went over to the bride's house and made our own bouquets from flowers that she had sourced herself. It was a LOT of fun, gave the bridesmaids a chance to hang out and get to know each other (as we hadn't all met before), and lent a really personal touch to the proceedings. There are lots of DIY wedding blogs online with cute centrepiece tutorials. Google something like "DIY floral wedding arrangements" and see what you come up with. Another option would be to look into similar flowers that are in season - ranunculus and cabbage roses are often substituted for peonies as they have a longer/later blooming season.

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Can you use Demon WP on Roses to control insects?

Q. Little green insects with black spots are eating my roses. Will Demon WP insecticide control them without harming the rose bush.

A. Check the label, if approved for roses it will say so. Or you could try making up a solution of dish soap and spray on the insects. This works good for aphids and may work for you. Is cheap and easy so may be worth a try.

does demon wp actually work that great on roaches?
Q. i have an infestation that is driving me crazy.... big and small ones....what do i do? and where could i buy it besides online?

A. yes it does-if it is applied correctly.

A pest control question: Is cyper wp really the same thing as Demon wp?
Q. I have been using Demon wp to control roaches in my apartment. I have seen Cyper wp on the website I purchased the Demon wp. I could save a ton of $ if the cyper i really as effective. Has any one used both that could let me know?

A. probably.. see if it is cypermethrin
I use another generic of Demon called cynoff wp
as long as the amount of active is the same it will work the same

Edit : found a label of cyper wp...should work the same as your demon

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Successfully transplanting a rosa rugosa?

Q. I have a 5-year old rosa rugosa (beach rose) that was given to me by my grandmother before she passed in 2007. It was in sun but now my other garden plants (bushes and trees) are smothering it. It's grown to be quite lanky and has never flowered. I need to move it. Should I cut it back (how much)? Fertilize the new spot? Can I do it now or should I wait until fall? Knowledgeable answers appreciated.

A. Rosa rugosa suckers, which means after all this time you might find little baby plants in your neighbor's yard. If you fertilize it it will make vegetation more and flowers less. Cut to trim. Find the variety.

I have a huge barren space in my large yard. I filled the space with rosa rugosa but no luck on blooms.?
Q. The rosa rugosa hedge that I wanted just gets leggy and has few blooms. The hedgerow is in total sun. I have given the plants rose food and tried other measures but the situation remains the same. Tall, leggy plants with very few blooms.

A. Rosa rugosa needs hard pruning when dormant in late winter, just before the leaf buds begin to open. Cut it back to about 18 ins high, removing all dead and spindly wood, also any inward- facing branches. Hard pruning gives you strong growth. It's good that you are feeding the bushs with rose food, but they also need good compost as well and will benefit from a mulch of composted manure or your own home- made stuff. Keep it well watered as well. Rosa rugosa is a very hardy plant but it does take a year or two to get its roots down, once it has good roots to support it, yours will grow and flower as beautifully as mine does!

rosa rugosa shrub leaves turning yellow?
Q. my rosa rugosa shrub leaves are turning yellow and now are spreading to the other shrubs some of the leaves are also curling

A. Stop overhead watering, or watering in the evening.

Bayer All in One a granular product, that you spread on the ground and is drawn up into the foliage. It contains fertilizer, a fungicide and pesitcide to keep away the common pests like aphids. It's less messy than powders, and easier to apply than sprays, too.

I have a minor in plant pathology. .

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Store for garden flowers and supplies in Philadelphia?

Q. I am looking for a store that sells garden supplies in Center City, Society Hill or Old City. I am specifically looking for pansies for my fall garden. Anyone know of anywhere that is within walking or bus distance of Society Hill?

A. MarketBlooms @ Reading Terminal
1100 Filbert St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 625-6667

A full-service flower, plant, and garden store in the heart of Center City Philadelphia. Located in the historic Reading Terminal Market in Center City, they carry a full selection of fresh-cut flowers, houseplants, garden and potting supplies, seeds, garden gifts, seasonal plants and flowers, and lots more.

Book recommendations for how to plan for when your garden flowers bloom?
Q. Are there any specific books out there, that can help me with timing my garden?

So I know when I should plant certain seeds and bulbs to bloom at a certain time (for example, early spring), and then perfectly overlap with other seeds and bulbs that open in the following periods (mid to late spring, summer, etc)

I am asking specifically in regards to what seeds are best planted over spring bulbs like tulips,etc.


A. There is a link to a book in my source section below.

But what you are looking for is "succession gardening", so do a web search on that term in quotes.

The second link is to a garden plan description on the Better Homes & Gardens web site. You will have to register to see the actual plan but they do not spam you.

what are some summer garden flowers that look nice together?
Q. im a first time gardner so something that is easy care, and also can u give me some tips too please. thank you so much :D
oh, and they are going in the ground in the yard

A. Give me some more details. What part of the country, or what country are you in, Climate there. Sun of shade? How much room do you have? what kind of soil? Very wet or dry?

Now, do you like fragrances? to cut flowers? some colors better than others? Any plants that you know that you like? Or don't like?
If you like use my email, I can give you more details. Can send some photos.

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How can I Landscape a hillside and get rid of all the weeds?

Q. My backyard is a sloping hill with weeds. I have put down black plastic tarp and covered it with mulch and planted plants, but the darn weeds still grew thru the plastic. I took up tarp and put more mulch, LOTS of mulch hoping to kill the weeds, and sprayed with weed killer, STILL have weeds. I'm at a loss as to how to grow plants and flowers without getting alll the weeds. I NEED HELP! Thanks to anyone who can advise me.

A. Go out and buy Preen....now. It is a pre-emergent weed killer. It gets the weeds before they start coming up. You will have to reapply it every two to three months. I have used it for years and it is unbelievable. Here is a link to more information:

In addition, you should select plants to eventually cover the slope for erosion control. You can either choose shrubs or perennials. Take into consideration their mature width. For example, if you are planting a group of shrub roses that will be 3' wide, you will want to plant them 3' apart on center, so that ultimately your slope will be completely covered.

To supplement these plants, you can add a fast growing groundcover. Create a nice mix of shrubs, perennials and groundcover. Select plants based on your sun and shade conditions. Check your zone and compatible plants. Select deer resistant plants if you have a deer problem.

Apply a minimum of 3" of mulch for additional weed control and moisture retention. Good luck!

Whats the best landscape rock to use around a pool area?
Q. I will be marking off an area around my pool and rocking it all. I was wanting a white landscape rock, but the area is large enough that I am also planning on putting a picnic table out there, so I would need something that is easy on the feet. I would obviously like to buy this in bulk. What should I ask for? I live in the St. louis metro area if that helps.

A. i have a pool in my yard for 25yrs. and i know what you what, they are round wash stones, there about the size of a golf ball and i have them 2ft. around my pool , you will never have mud and lawn mower won't throw them , easy on the feet and they are really pretty, they come in 2 grades , the pretty ones cost more, and get more then you think you'll use , they don't go as far as you would think, nobody ever cut or hurt there feet!

What are three landscape features caused by alpine glaciers?
Q. Also, please tell me a sentence explaining them so I know what to look for. Thanks!

A. I'll even give you a few extra just because, you can pick your favorite three:

"U" Shaped Valley- formed from erosion due to ice moving through the valley. It is pretty much what it sounds like.

Cirque- bowl shaped depressions found at the head (upper end) of glacial valleys, when there is a lake inside the cirque, the lake is called a tarn

Horn- the summits of mountains that have had their sides eroded by glaciers, the most famous of which is the Materhorn.

Arête-steep sided ridges with narrow crests

Moraine- where glaciers deposit large volumes of sediment, usually low, long ridges

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What landscape features are caused by Water Erosion?

Q. I need this for my homework assignment and the text book we have for the class sucks.

Thanks to anyone that can help me out with this.

A. the grand canyon for one

Does landscape fabric really work to keep weeds out of a flowerbed?
Q. I have also heard of using other materials such as plastic sheeting or newspaper. Would you recommend any of these materials? If so, how did you use it?

A. Use two layers of fabric run in opposite directions if you're serious about keeping out weeds. Look for the thickest milled fabric. Newspaper won't work - too translucent and too delicate. Ditto on the plastic. Keep your thumb green and your back upright.

How do Landscape Photographers afford to travel the world and make a good living?
Q. I am trying to become a Landscape Photographer and I was wondering how do the photographers afford to travel as much as they do?

A. Well, if you are a writer from a travel magazine, there is no way for you not to travel in all places. Basically, if you are working in a magazine, let's say, travel magazines, the company shoulders the expenses for your travel. Unless, you have enough budget to pursue your desires to travel the world using your own budget. They make a good living because, they earn a lot from the company. Travel mags have good finances.

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What tools do I need to know to start a landscape and gardening design business?

Q. Years ago I worked in a amateur way in gardening maintenance. I realice that I liked it a lot but I don't have the specific knoledge and experience to start a landscape and gardening design business. I have the feeling that I have the creativity for doing this but of course this is not all. Could someone help me telling me the kind of tools that I would require to start this gradually? Maybe I would requiere to know some landscape design software, etc. In short, what kind of tools would be necesary to have and learn. Maybe the thing would be more complex like doing an Business plan? I'll thank any advice. Chris

A. mower




Gardener: A truck or trailer to carry your equipment and debris (although some enterprising people have even started without this). A lawn mower, rake, broom, and other small hand tools. Buy your equipment used if necessary, but shop carefully.

Landscaper: Basically you need hand tools and a truck or trailer. To start with most other tools you can rent.

Interiorscaper: A car or truck is necessary, watering cans, and assorted small hand tools.

>From the basic requirements to start it would seem that interiorscaping requires the smallest capital outlay. This is correct, but starting an interiorscape business is more difficult in other ways. It requires a better understanding of the trade. Indoor plants are much more difficult to maintain. Also, acquiring accounts is not as easy as in outdoor work. Most, if not all, interiorscape accounts will be commercial, as opposed to the residential work of gardeners.

For gardeners and landscapers a truck or trailer is a must, but as I mentioned earlier it is possible to start without one for some work. If you are doing maintenance you may be able to get accounts that will allow you to use their equipment and not require you to haul away debris. You will be expected to work very inexpensively, though. If you can get a truck do so.

For both gardeners and landscapers another source of income is from clean-ups. This is simply a one-time job of cleaning up an overgrown landscape. These jobs are hard work, but can be quite profitable.

In every business you have to contend with the government. Service businesses are no different. Before you get started investigate what is required in your area. Most likely you will need a business license from your city. The state may require a contractor's license or certification for landscape contractors. Most likely your state will require a pest control license if you intend to apply pesticides. Check out all the city, state, and federal rules before you start.

misc hand tools rakes shovels

How to get more client of Garden design?
Q. Do need someone help him to design and install the garden,in Bay Area of Ca

A. Are you a garden designer looking to get clients?

If so, you may try flyers or an ad on Craigslist.

Where can I find a good garden design for a shady area of my house?
Q. I live in Zone 6 and would prefer a long flower blooming season.
Would prefer something low maintenance.
The area measures 60' x 10'

A. Try your local public library. There are tons of great books on gardening of all types which will inspire you. Do not limit yourself to looking up works on shade gardening. One fantastic book is "Creating Small Gardens" by Roy Strong.... it is chock full of nifty garden plans.

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Getting a degree in green fingers: horticulture or garden design?

Q. I am both interested in studying horticulture and garden design. What would be a smarter thing to do: to get a degree in horticulture and then pursue some sort of specialisation in garden design or vice versa? To what an extent do these two things intertwine in real life?

A. I am in college right now for a degree in Horticulture. I want to do Landscape Design, and hope to go on to Landscape Architecture. As of right now, my community college only offers a degree in Horticulture, classes only for Landscape design. I am trying to get all my Gen Eds done before going for my Bachelor's Degree.
In Landscape design, you need to know the growth habits of the plants you are using in your design, how they will mature, the Latin names because that is how they are identified in the industry, soil requirements and many other things. Your horticulture classes will teach you that.

Where can I find a good garden design for a shady area of my house?
Q. I live in Zone 6 and would prefer a long flower blooming season.
Would prefer something low maintenance.
The area measures 60' x 10'

A. Try your local public library. There are tons of great books on gardening of all types which will inspire you. Do not limit yourself to looking up works on shade gardening. One fantastic book is "Creating Small Gardens" by Roy Strong.... it is chock full of nifty garden plans.

What's a good online tool for garden design?
Q. If an online tool isn't available, I'd also take software suggestions. I'd love to have it also have plant suggestions, ect.

I just bought a house and it has a lovely backyard that is all dirt at this point. When spring hits, I have to start planting!

A. My son gave me the Better Homes and Garden's 3D Garden and Deck Planner several years ago that I enjoyed every winter since then. I'm sure what's available now is even nicer, but this came with an encyclopedia of plants of all kinds, with information for each plan about how big it gets, what kind of light and water it needs, etc. You map out your yard and can put your house, fences, driveway, etc. You "drop" plants in from the overhead view, and then you get to take a virtual walk through it in a 3D view. You can also go at it another way, starting with a photo of certain areas of the yard, and then add plants to the foreground. Lots of fun.
I lovely backyard that is all dirt... Sounds like a perfect place to find a corner to compost in for starters.
Have fun.

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