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What type of plants go with Cornus florida?

Q. Urgent!
Im looking for 5 plants: 1 deciduous plant, an evergreen, 2 perennials and a groundcover that go well aesthetically with the Cornus florida (flowering dogwood). All plants must be in USDA zone 5.

A. redbud,azalea,sneezeweed,aster,mondo grass

My dogwood (Cornus florida) has not flowered for two years. What can I do?
Q. I think my neighbor's use of commercial fertilizer on his lawn is causing my tree to go directly to leaves.

A. A few years ago, my wisteria wasn't blooming. I dug into the roots a bit w/a spade (I'd read that advice in a gardening book), and it worked. You could give it a try w/your dogwood.

does a cornus florida tree blooom first or leaf out first?
Q. flowering dogwood is not leafing out yet.

A. florida blooms first and then leafs out.

Cornus kousa leafs out then blooms. (also more disease resistant)


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