Senin, 07 Januari 2013

What type of plants go with Cornus florida?

Q. Urgent!
Im looking for 5 plants: 1 deciduous plant, an evergreen, 2 perennials and a groundcover that go well aesthetically with the Cornus florida (flowering dogwood). All plants must be in USDA zone 5.

A. redbud,azalea,sneezeweed,aster,mondo grass

My dogwood (Cornus florida) has not flowered for two years. What can I do?
Q. I think my neighbor's use of commercial fertilizer on his lawn is causing my tree to go directly to leaves.

A. A few years ago, my wisteria wasn't blooming. I dug into the roots a bit w/a spade (I'd read that advice in a gardening book), and it worked. You could give it a try w/your dogwood.

does a cornus florida tree blooom first or leaf out first?
Q. flowering dogwood is not leafing out yet.

A. florida blooms first and then leafs out.

Cornus kousa leafs out then blooms. (also more disease resistant)


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Selasa, 01 Januari 2013

Has anyone heard of and know anyting about (flowers, fast grower, ect.) a plant named Hoya "Chelsea"? Thank U.

Q. I have come across one on ebay, would like to add it to my on going collection.... but wanted to see if anyone could answer my questions for me. I type it into yahoo search engine and not to much popped up for it. Any info would be appreciated.
I would also like to know anything about... Hoya "Tricolor Bonnie".

A. The HOYA is properly a trailing plant, rooting at the joints, but have been generally cultivated here as a
The Fleshyâleaved Hoya, H. carnosa, is vulgarly called the wax flower from its singular star shapedâwhitish
pink blossoms, with a deep colored varnished centre, having more the appearance of a wax model than a
production of nature. The flowers appear in globular groups and have a very handsome appearance from the
beginning of April to the close of the rains.
The Green flowered Hoya, H. viridiflora, Nukchukoree, teel kunga, with its green flowers in numerous
groups, is also an interesting plant, it is esteemed also for its medicinal properties.

Try the Garden Web for tons of information on Hoya's from people who have them and tend them. The posters there are very knowledgeable on many different topics but there is actually one board just for Hoya discussions.

I have a hoya plant. I don't know what kind it has green oval leaves. It is growing but why wont it flower.

A. Hoyas are tricky- I've had the same two plants for more than 40 years, and here's what I know. They do like to be pot bound, so don't keep re-potting. They do need some bloom type fertilizer. They won't bloom on any vine unless it's at LEAST 3 feet long, so don't trim the vine or tendrill. They need some sun- I have had both my plants bloom in different exposures-from full sun in a window(south exposure) to west or east exposure. Take your pick but DON'T keep moving the plant from window to window. Pick a spot and LEAVE IT. As the plant grows, wind the vine CLOCKWISE around it self or provide a trellis or chunk of wood or bark for it to wind around. BE PATIENT. Sometimes it takes a few years for the plant to mature enough to bloom. Good luck

how to plant or take care wax plant or hoya?

A. Hoya is a succulent,,IE: cactus. I've taken the "potato chip shaped leaves" and just stuck them in the ground or pot and had them grow.

They aren't an especially good looking plant, in my opinion, but definitely interesting.

I've had them in full sun and shade, and with proper moisture they not only thrive but spread. They need scheduled watering, but never need soaking or a soil that is constantly wet. Good drainage is important for any plant life.

When you are doing something wrong you'll notice. The leaves will rot, and fall. Also,,,let them hang once the stem is long enough, without touching a surface, like a table. They are fragile, but can be an intruiging plant.

Rev. Steven

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Minggu, 30 Desember 2012

how do I get rid of clovers and mushrooms on lawn ?is there any organic weed killers ?what is lime used for ?


A. the most effective form of organic weed control is corn gluten meal, it can be applied directly to the lawn and will control weeds without killing the grass.

how to make an organic weed killer?

A. Organic Weed Killers
Exactly what is available to organic gardeners for killing weeds?

Scythe, a fatty acid-based, non-selective contact herbicide that disrupts the cellular structure of the plant;
Neem Oil for killing aphids; and
Burn Out Weed and Grass Killer: also an acid-based weed killer made of vinegar and lemon juice.
You can investigate these products, vinegar as a weed treatment, and organic farming rules further on the Web at:

anybody knows a organic weed killer for the weeds in the lawns that kills just the weeds not the grass?
Q. i'm very allergic to chemical's but my lawn has a lot of weeds anybody knows a organic weed killer that kills just the weeds with out damming the lawn,if there is some one can help me i appreciate thanks

A. I've used Johnson's Weed and Feed on my lawn and it's worked wonders. It fertilizes your lawn and kills about 90% of the weeds including crab grass and dandelions.

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Rabu, 26 Desember 2012

Clematis Vine safe to grow up a tree?

Q. I was thinking about planting a couple of Clematis vines next to a mature tree that I have in my front yard so that they could grow up it, but was wondering if it would be safe for the tree? I'm not sure what type of tree it is. It just looks like something cheap that was put in by the landscapers before we moved into our home. Any info would be great! Thanks!

A. Some Clematis grow through trees in the wild, growing upwards for light, hence their climbing nature. Choose a Clematis that will complement your tree, and give you add flowering interest - if your tree flowers aim to get one that flower at a different time, to spread the flowering season.

I have a Clematis montana Elizabeth that scrambles up a conifer and one of the not so pretty Acers, and showers down its pink flowers in late spring. This plant will readily grow to 30' or 40', though I probably wouldn't choose it for a smaller dainty tree.

Otherwise, you could choose a dwarfer Clematis that will use the lower part of the tree for support. Generally Clematis like to have moist roots, some varieties prefer more sun than others, so choose either a shade loving variety, if it won't get much sun, due to the shade from the tree, or a variety that will thrive in sun.

If you don't like the tree that much, a Clematis montana will readily rise to the challenge to cover much of the tree. It won't harm the tree, but it would restrict some of the light that the tree would otherwise get. There's a photo of Elizabeth here:

Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob

do you cut a clematis vine back or will it come back on it's on?
Q. I have never grown a vine like this before. It get's alot of sun and water.It is next to the garage and shelterd some. please help me if you can.

A. Hi,
Try this place, you'll find lots of good info:

Hope this helps, I learn something new at every visit to the gardenweb.

Why does my clematis vine stop blooming so early in Summer?
Q. I have a beautiful purple clematis vine growing on a large trellis. It blooms profusely in late Spring, but does not bloom into Summer like so many others I've noticed. Could ants be eating the blossoms? I removed the spent flowers and pruned it a bit....also removed a spider web. I feed it periodically with plant food, and its roots are protected with pine straw. Any ideas to keep it flowering. It makes a beautiful statement beside our porch.

A. Pruning could be the source of your problem. Clematis blooms from the new growth, not the old woody stems. Some early bloomers will bloom a second time, but most bloom only once. Find a later blooming variety and plant it with your existing one. The vines will inter-twine and you will have an extended blooming cycle. There's quite a variety out there that bloom at different times. I've intermixed early, mid and late bloomers to extend the show.

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Minggu, 16 Desember 2012

Can I activate my Olive Garden gift card?

Q. I was given an Olive Garden gift card and tried to check the balance but the card is not activated apparently. Is there any way I can resolve this issue without spending money on a new card? Can I go to Walmart and tell them and ask them to activate it for me?

A. Ok you were given a Olive Garden gift card...Ok and to check the balance just go in a Olive Garden and tell them you would like to activated your gift card and check the balance on it.

what happened to the botanical garden gifts on farmville on facebook?
Q. i cant find the botanical garden gifts on the "free gifts" page on farmvill on facebook anymore.what happened??

A. The time has passed to build a botanical garden in farmville. You can no longer gift or receive materials for this building.

How much should a gift card to Olive Garden be for?
Q. I want to get a gift card to Olive Garden for my brother and his wife. About how much should it be for?

A. I would say $50 would be a safe bet. They might want to get an appetizer or dipping sauce for their bread sticks or a drink or two, or dessert. The meals there are on average about $10-$15 depending on what you get. (My meal for example that I love is $13.50) Plus that way they could also include tip. I know when my fiancee and I go w/ tip we spend close to $50. We each get a soda, dipping sauce for the bread sticks and two entrees.

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Sabtu, 15 Desember 2012

how to start asclepias tuberosa from seed?


A. I use 1/2 sand 1/2 peat mix. The seeds should be put in a plastic bag with some of the soil and moistened slightly, then put in the fridge for a few weeks. After that they germinate well and are easy to grow in full sun. Most A. tuberosa require a well drained sandy soil to do well. Good luck.

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Sabtu, 08 Desember 2012

Finding Peonies out of Season (Flowers)?

Q. Hi,

I'm trying to find Peonies for my girlfriend, however, as you may already know, they are out of season, and I've been having a really hard time trying to locate a place that has them.
I really want to do this now and not wait until spring, that's the whole purpose of doing this.
Any help will be greatly appreciated, and money should not be an issue.

A. There are no fresh peonies to be had at any price..... You could send any of these instead...... Hand painted silk peonies:

Peony Box silk bedding:

A Tree Peony:

A silk peony dress:

Hopefully all the paeonies you'll need :-)

I want to have coral peonies but my florist says they are not in season and will not be available?
Q. I found where I can buy them online. Would it be to difficult to do my own simple centerpieces. I do not want to do a lot of work but since this is a vow renewal/ blessing it doesn't have to be so perfect as if it was a wedding. What does anyone think of peonies and hydrangeas in cute metal pots with table numbers on them. Would this be hard to do? I would need to do five the night before. Has anyone ordered bulk flowers online. Thanks for the help!

A. I was recently a bridesmaid at a wedding where, the night before, all the girls went over to the bride's house and made our own bouquets from flowers that she had sourced herself. It was a LOT of fun, gave the bridesmaids a chance to hang out and get to know each other (as we hadn't all met before), and lent a really personal touch to the proceedings. There are lots of DIY wedding blogs online with cute centrepiece tutorials. Google something like "DIY floral wedding arrangements" and see what you come up with. Another option would be to look into similar flowers that are in season - ranunculus and cabbage roses are often substituted for peonies as they have a longer/later blooming season.

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