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Can I activate my Olive Garden gift card?

Q. I was given an Olive Garden gift card and tried to check the balance but the card is not activated apparently. Is there any way I can resolve this issue without spending money on a new card? Can I go to Walmart and tell them and ask them to activate it for me?

A. Ok you were given a Olive Garden gift card...Ok and to check the balance just go in a Olive Garden and tell them you would like to activated your gift card and check the balance on it.

what happened to the botanical garden gifts on farmville on facebook?
Q. i cant find the botanical garden gifts on the "free gifts" page on farmvill on facebook anymore.what happened??

A. The time has passed to build a botanical garden in farmville. You can no longer gift or receive materials for this building.

How much should a gift card to Olive Garden be for?
Q. I want to get a gift card to Olive Garden for my brother and his wife. About how much should it be for?

A. I would say $50 would be a safe bet. They might want to get an appetizer or dipping sauce for their bread sticks or a drink or two, or dessert. The meals there are on average about $10-$15 depending on what you get. (My meal for example that I love is $13.50) Plus that way they could also include tip. I know when my fiancee and I go w/ tip we spend close to $50. We each get a soda, dipping sauce for the bread sticks and two entrees.

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