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What landscape features are caused by Water Erosion?

Q. I need this for my homework assignment and the text book we have for the class sucks.

Thanks to anyone that can help me out with this.

A. the grand canyon for one

Does landscape fabric really work to keep weeds out of a flowerbed?
Q. I have also heard of using other materials such as plastic sheeting or newspaper. Would you recommend any of these materials? If so, how did you use it?

A. Use two layers of fabric run in opposite directions if you're serious about keeping out weeds. Look for the thickest milled fabric. Newspaper won't work - too translucent and too delicate. Ditto on the plastic. Keep your thumb green and your back upright.

How do Landscape Photographers afford to travel the world and make a good living?
Q. I am trying to become a Landscape Photographer and I was wondering how do the photographers afford to travel as much as they do?

A. Well, if you are a writer from a travel magazine, there is no way for you not to travel in all places. Basically, if you are working in a magazine, let's say, travel magazines, the company shoulders the expenses for your travel. Unless, you have enough budget to pursue your desires to travel the world using your own budget. They make a good living because, they earn a lot from the company. Travel mags have good finances.

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