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Store for garden flowers and supplies in Philadelphia?

Q. I am looking for a store that sells garden supplies in Center City, Society Hill or Old City. I am specifically looking for pansies for my fall garden. Anyone know of anywhere that is within walking or bus distance of Society Hill?

A. MarketBlooms @ Reading Terminal
1100 Filbert St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 625-6667

A full-service flower, plant, and garden store in the heart of Center City Philadelphia. Located in the historic Reading Terminal Market in Center City, they carry a full selection of fresh-cut flowers, houseplants, garden and potting supplies, seeds, garden gifts, seasonal plants and flowers, and lots more.

Book recommendations for how to plan for when your garden flowers bloom?
Q. Are there any specific books out there, that can help me with timing my garden?

So I know when I should plant certain seeds and bulbs to bloom at a certain time (for example, early spring), and then perfectly overlap with other seeds and bulbs that open in the following periods (mid to late spring, summer, etc)

I am asking specifically in regards to what seeds are best planted over spring bulbs like tulips,etc.


A. There is a link to a book in my source section below.

But what you are looking for is "succession gardening", so do a web search on that term in quotes.

The second link is to a garden plan description on the Better Homes & Gardens web site. You will have to register to see the actual plan but they do not spam you.

what are some summer garden flowers that look nice together?
Q. im a first time gardner so something that is easy care, and also can u give me some tips too please. thank you so much :D
oh, and they are going in the ground in the yard

A. Give me some more details. What part of the country, or what country are you in, Climate there. Sun of shade? How much room do you have? what kind of soil? Very wet or dry?

Now, do you like fragrances? to cut flowers? some colors better than others? Any plants that you know that you like? Or don't like?
If you like use my email, I can give you more details. Can send some photos.

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