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Finding Peonies out of Season (Flowers)?

Q. Hi,

I'm trying to find Peonies for my girlfriend, however, as you may already know, they are out of season, and I've been having a really hard time trying to locate a place that has them.
I really want to do this now and not wait until spring, that's the whole purpose of doing this.
Any help will be greatly appreciated, and money should not be an issue.

A. There are no fresh peonies to be had at any price..... You could send any of these instead...... Hand painted silk peonies:

Peony Box silk bedding:

A Tree Peony:

A silk peony dress:

Hopefully all the paeonies you'll need :-)

I want to have coral peonies but my florist says they are not in season and will not be available?
Q. I found where I can buy them online. Would it be to difficult to do my own simple centerpieces. I do not want to do a lot of work but since this is a vow renewal/ blessing it doesn't have to be so perfect as if it was a wedding. What does anyone think of peonies and hydrangeas in cute metal pots with table numbers on them. Would this be hard to do? I would need to do five the night before. Has anyone ordered bulk flowers online. Thanks for the help!

A. I was recently a bridesmaid at a wedding where, the night before, all the girls went over to the bride's house and made our own bouquets from flowers that she had sourced herself. It was a LOT of fun, gave the bridesmaids a chance to hang out and get to know each other (as we hadn't all met before), and lent a really personal touch to the proceedings. There are lots of DIY wedding blogs online with cute centrepiece tutorials. Google something like "DIY floral wedding arrangements" and see what you come up with. Another option would be to look into similar flowers that are in season - ranunculus and cabbage roses are often substituted for peonies as they have a longer/later blooming season.

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