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Clematis Vine safe to grow up a tree?

Q. I was thinking about planting a couple of Clematis vines next to a mature tree that I have in my front yard so that they could grow up it, but was wondering if it would be safe for the tree? I'm not sure what type of tree it is. It just looks like something cheap that was put in by the landscapers before we moved into our home. Any info would be great! Thanks!

A. Some Clematis grow through trees in the wild, growing upwards for light, hence their climbing nature. Choose a Clematis that will complement your tree, and give you add flowering interest - if your tree flowers aim to get one that flower at a different time, to spread the flowering season.

I have a Clematis montana Elizabeth that scrambles up a conifer and one of the not so pretty Acers, and showers down its pink flowers in late spring. This plant will readily grow to 30' or 40', though I probably wouldn't choose it for a smaller dainty tree.

Otherwise, you could choose a dwarfer Clematis that will use the lower part of the tree for support. Generally Clematis like to have moist roots, some varieties prefer more sun than others, so choose either a shade loving variety, if it won't get much sun, due to the shade from the tree, or a variety that will thrive in sun.

If you don't like the tree that much, a Clematis montana will readily rise to the challenge to cover much of the tree. It won't harm the tree, but it would restrict some of the light that the tree would otherwise get. There's a photo of Elizabeth here:http://www.buckingham-nurseries.co.uk/acatalog/Index_Climbers_15.html

Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob

do you cut a clematis vine back or will it come back on it's on?
Q. I have never grown a vine like this before. It get's alot of sun and water.It is next to the garage and shelterd some. please help me if you can.

A. Hi,
Try this place, you'll find lots of good info: http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/clematis/



Hope this helps, I learn something new at every visit to the gardenweb.

Why does my clematis vine stop blooming so early in Summer?
Q. I have a beautiful purple clematis vine growing on a large trellis. It blooms profusely in late Spring, but does not bloom into Summer like so many others I've noticed. Could ants be eating the blossoms? I removed the spent flowers and pruned it a bit....also removed a spider web. I feed it periodically with plant food, and its roots are protected with pine straw. Any ideas to keep it flowering. It makes a beautiful statement beside our porch.

A. Pruning could be the source of your problem. Clematis blooms from the new growth, not the old woody stems. Some early bloomers will bloom a second time, but most bloom only once. Find a later blooming variety and plant it with your existing one. The vines will inter-twine and you will have an extended blooming cycle. There's quite a variety out there that bloom at different times. I've intermixed early, mid and late bloomers to extend the show.

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