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how do I get rid of clovers and mushrooms on lawn ?is there any organic weed killers ?what is lime used for ?


A. the most effective form of organic weed control is corn gluten meal, it can be applied directly to the lawn and will control weeds without killing the grass.

how to make an organic weed killer?

A. Organic Weed Killers
Exactly what is available to organic gardeners for killing weeds?

Scythe, a fatty acid-based, non-selective contact herbicide that disrupts the cellular structure of the plant;
Neem Oil for killing aphids; and
Burn Out Weed and Grass Killer: also an acid-based weed killer made of vinegar and lemon juice.
You can investigate these products, vinegar as a weed treatment, and organic farming rules further on the Web at:


anybody knows a organic weed killer for the weeds in the lawns that kills just the weeds not the grass?
Q. i'm very allergic to chemical's but my lawn has a lot of weeds anybody knows a organic weed killer that kills just the weeds with out damming the lawn,if there is some one can help me i appreciate thanks

A. I've used Johnson's Weed and Feed on my lawn and it's worked wonders. It fertilizes your lawn and kills about 90% of the weeds including crab grass and dandelions.

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