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Successfully transplanting a rosa rugosa?

Q. I have a 5-year old rosa rugosa (beach rose) that was given to me by my grandmother before she passed in 2007. It was in sun but now my other garden plants (bushes and trees) are smothering it. It's grown to be quite lanky and has never flowered. I need to move it. Should I cut it back (how much)? Fertilize the new spot? Can I do it now or should I wait until fall? Knowledgeable answers appreciated.

A. Rosa rugosa suckers, which means after all this time you might find little baby plants in your neighbor's yard. If you fertilize it it will make vegetation more and flowers less. Cut to trim. Find the variety.

I have a huge barren space in my large yard. I filled the space with rosa rugosa but no luck on blooms.?
Q. The rosa rugosa hedge that I wanted just gets leggy and has few blooms. The hedgerow is in total sun. I have given the plants rose food and tried other measures but the situation remains the same. Tall, leggy plants with very few blooms.

A. Rosa rugosa needs hard pruning when dormant in late winter, just before the leaf buds begin to open. Cut it back to about 18 ins high, removing all dead and spindly wood, also any inward- facing branches. Hard pruning gives you strong growth. It's good that you are feeding the bushs with rose food, but they also need good compost as well and will benefit from a mulch of composted manure or your own home- made stuff. Keep it well watered as well. Rosa rugosa is a very hardy plant but it does take a year or two to get its roots down, once it has good roots to support it, yours will grow and flower as beautifully as mine does!

rosa rugosa shrub leaves turning yellow?
Q. my rosa rugosa shrub leaves are turning yellow and now are spreading to the other shrubs some of the leaves are also curling

A. Stop overhead watering, or watering in the evening.

Bayer All in One a granular product, that you spread on the ground and is drawn up into the foliage. It contains fertilizer, a fungicide and pesitcide to keep away the common pests like aphids. It's less messy than powders, and easier to apply than sprays, too.

I have a minor in plant pathology. .

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