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Can you use Demon WP on Roses to control insects?

Q. Little green insects with black spots are eating my roses. Will Demon WP insecticide control them without harming the rose bush.

A. Check the label, if approved for roses it will say so. Or you could try making up a solution of dish soap and spray on the insects. This works good for aphids and may work for you. Is cheap and easy so may be worth a try.

does demon wp actually work that great on roaches?
Q. i have an infestation that is driving me crazy.... big and small ones....what do i do? and where could i buy it besides online?

A. yes it does-if it is applied correctly.

A pest control question: Is cyper wp really the same thing as Demon wp?
Q. I have been using Demon wp to control roaches in my apartment. I have seen Cyper wp on the website I purchased the Demon wp. I could save a ton of $ if the cyper i really as effective. Has any one used both that could let me know?

A. probably.. see if it is cypermethrin
I use another generic of Demon called cynoff wp
as long as the amount of active is the same it will work the same

Edit : found a label of cyper wp...should work the same as your demon

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