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How can I Landscape a hillside and get rid of all the weeds?

Q. My backyard is a sloping hill with weeds. I have put down black plastic tarp and covered it with mulch and planted plants, but the darn weeds still grew thru the plastic. I took up tarp and put more mulch, LOTS of mulch hoping to kill the weeds, and sprayed with weed killer, STILL have weeds. I'm at a loss as to how to grow plants and flowers without getting alll the weeds. I NEED HELP! Thanks to anyone who can advise me.

A. Go out and buy It is a pre-emergent weed killer. It gets the weeds before they start coming up. You will have to reapply it every two to three months. I have used it for years and it is unbelievable. Here is a link to more information:

In addition, you should select plants to eventually cover the slope for erosion control. You can either choose shrubs or perennials. Take into consideration their mature width. For example, if you are planting a group of shrub roses that will be 3' wide, you will want to plant them 3' apart on center, so that ultimately your slope will be completely covered.

To supplement these plants, you can add a fast growing groundcover. Create a nice mix of shrubs, perennials and groundcover. Select plants based on your sun and shade conditions. Check your zone and compatible plants. Select deer resistant plants if you have a deer problem.

Apply a minimum of 3" of mulch for additional weed control and moisture retention. Good luck!

Whats the best landscape rock to use around a pool area?
Q. I will be marking off an area around my pool and rocking it all. I was wanting a white landscape rock, but the area is large enough that I am also planning on putting a picnic table out there, so I would need something that is easy on the feet. I would obviously like to buy this in bulk. What should I ask for? I live in the St. louis metro area if that helps.

A. i have a pool in my yard for 25yrs. and i know what you what, they are round wash stones, there about the size of a golf ball and i have them 2ft. around my pool , you will never have mud and lawn mower won't throw them , easy on the feet and they are really pretty, they come in 2 grades , the pretty ones cost more, and get more then you think you'll use , they don't go as far as you would think, nobody ever cut or hurt there feet!

What are three landscape features caused by alpine glaciers?
Q. Also, please tell me a sentence explaining them so I know what to look for. Thanks!

A. I'll even give you a few extra just because, you can pick your favorite three:

"U" Shaped Valley- formed from erosion due to ice moving through the valley. It is pretty much what it sounds like.

Cirque- bowl shaped depressions found at the head (upper end) of glacial valleys, when there is a lake inside the cirque, the lake is called a tarn

Horn- the summits of mountains that have had their sides eroded by glaciers, the most famous of which is the Materhorn.

Arête-steep sided ridges with narrow crests

Moraine- where glaciers deposit large volumes of sediment, usually low, long ridges

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